Bespoke Hotel Bathroom Doors

Bespoke Hotel Bathroom Doors


Our bespoke hotel bathroom doors are stunningly beautiful, lightweight and cost-effective. They are also artfully designed to bring timeless elegance to your establishment.


Decorative Doors for Hotel Bathrooms


These decorative doors are less expensive, stronger and lighter than glass. Our custom-made decorative doors for hotel bathrooms come in a comprehensive range of design styles encapsulating all kinds of materials (metal, textile, botanical/organic) within 05”/1.27 mm gauge, premium-quality resin panels.


Explore available styles here:


Mystique Collection

Intrigue Collection


These doors also inhibit microbial growth occuring within organic materials. They also contain a minimum of 40% of cycled materials. Our bespoke bathroom doors are:


  • Class A fire-rated
  • Available in any finish, size and shape
  • Delivered complete with opaque back panels, trims & fittings in a multitude of stunning colour options


Bespoke Hotel Bathroom Doors


We can provide your doors complete with installation. As well as, all required fixing hardware and even gorgeous lighting options,. We can also offer to create new design styles specific to your individual design vision for you – bespoke creations do, after all, form the central element of our philosophy. Simply let our designers know what you envision, and we will create the doors you need to turn your specific interior design hopes into resplendent reality.


Did you know? The decorative panels we use to create our bathroom doors are also suitable for walls, partitions, ceilings and furniture – meaning you can carry the timelessly elegant, beautiful style of your doors right through into your bathrooms’ interior with matching shower screens, bath panels, countertops/fronts and more.


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