Bespoke Panels- Applications

Our bespoke panels can be used for many applications, including doors, furniture, screens and more. We offer a vast range of architectural panels options, with the optional addition of Microguard®’. This is a unique antibacterial coating to help protect against viruses.



Our custom made bespoke panels can offer the ‘Wow’ factor you would expect. We can create bespoke doors that can be produced in a range of designs. Please see see our Swatches available in our Mystique collection for inspiration.


We can also offer other design styles, please get in touch if you have something specific in mind.

decorative sliding door panels



Our bespoke panels are available in various shapes, sizes and finishes. We can create the perfect screen for your interior, based on your requirements.


Our screens allow you to create a focal point or talking point. They  can also provide privacy and the ability to ‘section off’ designated areas, with little to no loss of light.


Our panels are also a preferred alternative to glass. This is due to their lightweight construction and high impact resistance. They are also low maintenance as they require less cleaning than glass.


In addition to this, these panels are fire resistant and will help keep your environment safe from bacteria.

bespoke panels



With our decorative panels, we can produce any form of furniture in any of our designs. We can create an interior that will bring your creative design ideas to life!


Here are some examples of the high quality and extremely durable bespoke furniture we can produce.

bespoke panels
bespoke panels
bespoke panels