Metallic Decorative Panels

Our Metallic Decorative Panels include metallic interlayers within the PETG panels.  You can choose the perfect metallic decor to work in harmony with your interior design.  These panels also have the optional addition of ‘MicroGuard®’, providing a high level of protection against viruses.

If botanica, textiles or textures don’t work for your scheme, then what about metallic interlayers? You can choose golds and silver hues, with other colour options and textures too. We can transform your ideas into reality.


We offer a range of customizable dividing options that seamlessly blend with the internal landscape of your interior. These panels can match any theme and colour palette.


We offer customisable options too if you feel creative. Minimum order quantities apply.


Standard panels sizes: 2440 x 1220 ( 8 x 4ft)  and 3050 x 1220 (10 x 4ft)


Weight from 16KG per square metre (35Lbs per square ft)

Our Designer range of decorative PETG panels demarcate and enhance your leisure or retail space and can protect against 99% of common bacteria with the optional addition of ‘MicroGuard®’, a unique antibacterial coating.

Our multifunctional metallic panels have many benefits compared to other options. They are:

  • Lighter, stronger and more impact resistant than glass
  • Recognised as a food safe material
  • Scratch resistant with a hard surface top coat
  • Fire-rated (A)
  • Easy to clean with a wipe clean surface – no chemical cleaning or polishing required
  • Curved and formed to any shape and cut to any size
  • Supplied with ‘MicroGuard®’ to protect against 99% of common bacteria
  • Low maintenance as no special cleaning is needed

Standard uses include

  • Shower enclosures/screens
  • Doors
  • Partitions
  • Privacy screens
  • Backlighting options